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Breakfast Near Me

It’s seven in the morning. After way too many times of snoozing the alarm, you realize you can no longer put off waking up. So you do. Now, onto the kitchen. Are you really in the mood to make breakfast this morning? I’m sensing, you’re not. So, it’s pretty likely your next move is going to be looking up breakfast near me options, and you’ll be pleased to know, there’s a wonderful spot to have a fresh, succulent breakfast when you’re in the mood. That place, is L’Chloe Cafe and Rolled Ice Cream.

Who doesn’t want to have a breakfast that looks like it came out of the last issue of Vogue; everyone does. The thing is, do you have the kitchen skills needed to make those delicate, mouthwatering dishes? Unless, you’re actually a professional chef, we’re thinking you don’t. So, we say your next option is visiting L’Chloe Cafe and Rolled Ice Cream. Our luscious dishes promise to delight. Don’t believe us? look at our Instagram page; check out delicious breakfast near me options.

Our options will leave you singing with joy, early in the morning.

Ice Cream Boca Raton
  • Italian paninis
  • Croissant sandwiches
  • Fresh pastries
  • Cookies
  • Biscuits
  • Coffee & lattes
  • Cakes, tarts, and other desserts
At L’Chloe Cafe and Rolled Ice Cream, we believe that the environment is as important as the food.

Which is why, when you come into our place, you’ll feel calm and relaxed. We’ve made it very welcoming, and sophisticated so that our guests can enjoy their morning time in a soothing ambiance.

No longer will you have to think about what good options for breakfast near me are available. Now, you’ll have a café you can always count on to give your mornings a little extra shot of happiness and deliciousness. When all else fails, we recommend you stop by L’Chloe Cafe and Rolled Ice Cream, and taste whatever your heart desires–whether it is a baby spinach salad or a crème brûlée. Maybe you’re more into a refreshing strawberry bubble tea, or black sugar milk tea. Try our favorites, panini croissants and cold panini vegetable frittata, or indulge in a little bit of sweetness early in the morning with our specialty, rolled ice cream of any flavor you like!

Come and enjoy the tons of lovely breakfast options L’Chloe Cafe and Rolled Ice Cream has to offer. We can’t wait to see you hanging out with a delicious espresso in hand!

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